Life Happens!

Life Happens Every Day!

Good Days and Bad Days Happen!

DSCF0230In our family, and I am sure in your family too, “Life Happens!”  Every day it is something new, or so it seems.  How do you manage day to day?  Do you have more good days or more bad days?  I will tell you about some of the things that have happened to our family over the years.

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Do You Have a Disability?

Are You Disabled?

110_F_5901550_m8CXKfX8DHLpNKDa5b4W3dfwjVQMVWI7_PXPHave you ever stopped and thought about the difference between the two words — disability and disabled?  I have been thinking about those words for a while now and decided I needed to offer my opinion on the difference in the words.  A disability is something physical, or mental, that causes some part of your body or mind to not be “normal” or to not function totally “normally.”  Maybe it is something with which you were born.  Maybe something happened to you in an accident.  Maybe something happened because you chose to defend our country.  Maybe it is something that just happened to you — period! Continue reading

Happy New Year!

It’s a New Year!

I Hope You Have a Happy New Year!

110_F_9688050_mwdSVVMzcUiU0O4lTPk8nUj1EuP67APj_PXPIt’s a whole new year, which means you can start over.  Whatever was happening last year that you weren’t happy or satisfied with, now you can begin again — new!  This doesn’t mean you have to move, or drop someone from your life, or make some drastic change in your life.  It just means you can start out this year with a new attitude about your life.  You may have already made a decision to do one or more of the things mentioned, but mostly change comes from attitude.  Attitude affects so much in everyone’s life, so it really helps to make one’s attitude positive rather than negative.  Try it, I think you will really like it! Continue reading

Love and Marriage!

A Long Marriage!

We Had Good Role Models for a Long Marriage!

110_F_11467943_a6WFty59G3pCNzmwnE1msj4KNLjMWnmw_PXPAmong most of our friends and family, we have the longest marriage.  In some cases, of course, their ages come into play, and down the road they may have a long marriage too.  There is one, and maybe even a second couple at church that have been married a few years longer than us, and in the local newspaper we have read of even longer marriages than theirs. Continue reading

Things Happen!

Things That Have Happened in Our Lives!

A Lot of Things Have Happened!

110_F_5901550_m8CXKfX8DHLpNKDa5b4W3dfwjVQMVWI7_PXPI was thinking back over some funny and even strange things that have happened in our lives.  Sometimes things happen and at the time they seem serious even, but later it’s just sort of fun to think back about those happenings and some of them seem a little less serious than they did at the time they happened.  Some of them may even seem funny in some way.  When you have  a lot of years to look back on, a lot of things have happened. Continue reading

Health and Happiness!

Health and Happiness Work Together!

A Positive Attitude Helps Both Health and Happiness!

110_F_10125479_nMUkVhrE3kSQHXeCPsrq3dwsBtW8Igyw_PXPHave you thought about how a positive attitude in life helps both your health and happiness?  I try to be a positive person, do you?  I think you will find that a positive attitude helps you come out on the good side of many of life’s problems.

If you tend toward having a negative point of view, you may want to work on trying to become more positive.  If you live in the bottom pits of life too often, try to keep reaching and moving upwards in your thoughts and actions.  If you can become more positive, I believe you will find more happiness each day, and it could also have the effect of helping you to have improved health too. Continue reading

Our Age!


Are We Young or Old at a Certain Age?

110_F_1096176_d5gDaxKU0Flmf2uHwJKMMtumnABCMs_PXPHave you ever thought about your age?  Do you enjoy the age you are at now, or do you moan and groan about it?  If we can keep ourselves well and healthy, does age really matter that much?  Are we young or old at a certain age?  What exactly does age mean? Continue reading

The Perfect Life!

Life Isn’t Perfect — Or Is It?

What if our life isn’t perfect?

110_F_1432816_jkzrKZEFGHIph4xKLMsGQwqATU0FGm_PXPSometimes life isn’t perfect, or anyhow what we think of as perfect, but life goes on from day to day, doesn’t it — perfect or not.  Sometimes our perception may not be exactly on target and we look at our life as not perfect, but to someone else our life may look perfect and they may wish they had our life instead of their own. Continue reading

Yesterday — Today — Tomorrow!

Our Days and Their Importance!

Are all days the same?

110_F_9688050_mwdSVVMzcUiU0O4lTPk8nUj1EuP67APj_PXPYesterday, Today, Tomorrow — are they all of the same importance?  Have you ever thought about that?  I don’t know that any of us dwell on that thought, but I thought I would tell about my view on each.  Yesterday is gone; today is here now; tomorrow is yet to come!

Yesterday is our past.  For some, yesterday may be many, many days of happenings in our lives; for others, there may not be many yesterdays in their lives yet.  Our past is important because we learn from what we and others did, from what we and others said, from the things that happened in our life and in the lives of those we were connected to in some way — our family, our friends, our acquaintances, and even strangers we met along the way. Continue reading

I Am a Dog Person!

Do You Have Any Pets?

Pets keep our lives interesting!

DSCF0063Do you have any pets?  Do you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person, or maybe both?  I have been a dog person all of my life.  Of course, when I was very young, I became a dog person because my parents brought home a sweet Scottish Terrier.  They used to tell me that as a young toddler, the dog actually let me sit on her back.  She was very loving and patient, I assume. Continue reading

Having an Outlook of Hope!


Have an Outlook of Hope!

110_F_2828293_K53QRxpDskcV1OPvngYZaSc0NtGHng_PXPEach day brings a new opportunity for us to look for new happiness.  Even if yesterday wasn’t the best day of your life — even if the last year wasn’t the best year of your life — each morning brings a new day.  Each day is a new starting point in our lives.  By our choice, by our thinking and doing, by our outlook of hope, we actually begin our life anew each and every day.  Look around you, and even if you think things aren’t the very best in your life, you will see someone who is having an even worse time in their life. Continue reading

Facing Our Challenges!

Our Challenges!

Look at the Big Picture!

110_F_11540009_IzEvTVl93GFPdu1UOYI8mmvkKAoyWCKe_PXPSometimes in our lives we get so caught up in all of the little challenges we constantly face, we forget to look at the big picture.  If we look around, often we see others with challenges that we think are even worse than ours.  Then we are thankful for what we have in life.  We really need to face all of our challenges that same way — we must always be grateful for the good times and find the best way to get through the not-so-great times.  Some of the down times are actually not so big and we can figure out how to manage them, but now and then something happens that is tougher with which to deal.  Fortunately the really big issues are not too often usually, and the smaller problems we have dealt with do help us figure out how we can get through those more difficult times. Continue reading

Our What If’s and Why Me’s

What If’s and Why Me’s!

We All Have Those Moments!

110_F_7608713_f17rjirEMURd19bM5FC9AyfRzKjTiZ1D_PXPIn our lives we all have moments when we have our “What If’s” and “Why Me’s” don’t we. A diagnosis of a serious health problem – that is a really sad, unhappy, worrisome moment. But, when you think about it, both what if and why me are negative comments/thoughts. Health and happiness need us to be positive in order to find our best in both health and happiness. Even if something throws us for a bit, and we are depressed, we must find a way back to finding something positive to dispel the negative. We all have that within us, but sometimes we must rise up and try harder to locate it. Continue reading

Today Is Here – Be Happy!

Today is here!

Be Happy!

110_F_46454_v6UmjWyGh9S2KmifbPqIsoc3MnFKli_PXPEvery day in our lives is important! Today is here, so try to make it special in some way. Do something good for your health; find something about which to be happy – even if you start out feeling there is nothing. Your happiness often has a lot to do with your having better health, so it is important to find happy things to dwell on each day. Continue reading