Yesterday — Today — Tomorrow!

Our Days and Their Importance!

Are all days the same?

110_F_9688050_mwdSVVMzcUiU0O4lTPk8nUj1EuP67APj_PXPYesterday, Today, Tomorrow — are they all of the same importance?  Have you ever thought about that?  I don’t know that any of us dwell on that thought, but I thought I would tell about my view on each.  Yesterday is gone; today is here now; tomorrow is yet to come!

Yesterday is our past.  For some, yesterday may be many, many days of happenings in our lives; for others, there may not be many yesterdays in their lives yet.  Our past is important because we learn from what we and others did, from what we and others said, from the things that happened in our life and in the lives of those we were connected to in some way — our family, our friends, our acquaintances, and even strangers we met along the way.  Maybe our yesterdays were fun and exciting for us; maybe they were boring and dull; maybe they were just normal, everyday life.  They may likely have been a huge mixture of all of those things.  The choices we made in our lives then, may affect how our lives are now — depending on whether we made good-for-us choices or not.  Whatever, they are all PAST!

Today is our present life and happenings, and those of the people we know and care about.  Today is important because we are living it right now!  It is a combination of what we have learned from the past, what we are learning right now, and what we are doing with our life.  How are we connected to others?  Do we befriend others?  What impression do others have of us?  Whether we are great or not, all of us are important to ourselves and usually to at least some others around us.  Are we healthy and happy?  If not, is there something we can do to make our lives better?  Often there is, but we may have to search for the answers we need.  At the present time we have computers that make searching for answers fairly easy.  For those who do not use computers, there is always the old stand-by of the library.  Often there are classes, or friends, or professional people where answers can be found.  I feel like today we search for more answers than we did in our yesterdays, if we have lived very many years.  Whatever, this is now — TODAY!

Tomorrow is our future.  It isn’t here yet and we really don’t know for sure what it will bring.  Will it bring good things, bad things, or what?  We just can’t know until it gets here!  Tomorrow, our future, is full of hope and promise, if we let it and encourage it to be.  We should all decide that our tomorrows will be full of good things!  Our attitude and the way we think can help bring that about.  We can plan now to keep a positive attitude in our lives and that will help us to be healthier and happier.  We should cast out any negativity and look for everything possible that will bring positives into our future.  Our future begins with what we do today towards making our future better.  Always, we should work toward making our future more full of appreciation of what good things we have in life — our life, those we love and who love us, friends and family, acquaintances, our faith in a Higher Power, tomorrow itself!  Whatever, on the horizon is — TOMORROW!

We should always look for the best of all of our days.  Take care, and may every day be your best day yet!


I Am a Dog Person!

Do You Have Any Pets?

Pets keep our lives interesting!

DSCF0063Do you have any pets?  Do you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person, or maybe both?  I have been a dog person all of my life.  Of course, when I was very young, I became a dog person because my parents brought home a sweet Scottish Terrier.  They used to tell me that as a young toddler, the dog actually let me sit on her back.  She was very loving and patient, I assume.

My husband and I have had dogs almost all of our married life.  We now have a dog who is the “love of our lives,” of course other than our two-legged family members.  Actually Suzie is a member of our family too.  She may be four-legged, but she is so in tune with everything we do.  She quickly learned to listen for the mail vehicle to come down our street, and tells us excitedly that “the mail is here!”  Not that she cares about the mail, but she quickly learned that there are times we are waiting and watching for the mail.  Where we used to live Suzie had a pet door so she could go in and out whenever she wished.  Now she has to tell us when she need to go out as we have no pet door here.  She learned that almost immediately when we moved here.  Of course sometimes she just wants to “be a dog” and just sniff and look around outdoors, without doing what we thought she wanted to go out to do.  When we first got her years ago she was so amazed to see birds and butterflies flying around our yard.  It delighted us watching her as she looked so excited watching the various birds and butterflies, never bothering them, just watching.  Now, years later, she just seems to take them for granted.

They say that if people have pets, especially dogs, we will be healthier and live longer.  I can understand why as having a pet can be such a fun time.  It does take being responsible for their care and their happiness, but they give so much back.  Our Suzie enjoys entertaining us, playing ball with us, having her back or tummy rubbed, and just being part of our family.  That goes two ways, as we love having her as part of our family too.  The dog we had previous to Suzie ended up with cancer, which was really a sad time, but we did have many good years with her too.  In life we just have to take the bad times along with the good times.  They say we wouldn’t appreciate the good times as much if all we had was good times!

Even if you can’t afford to have a dog, or a cat, maybe a fish or some other smaller pet would suit you better.  It isn’t just children who can love a pet, adults can enjoy loving a pet too.  Whatever pet you may choose, if you love your pet, they give you even more love back.  I am a dog person so I enjoy having a dog with which my husband and I can share our lives.  Dogs, and probably other pets, do have their own distinct personality, which makes life with them interesting.  Some pets can be very warm and cuddly, and some can be more distant.  Some pets are happy and maybe even silly, where some are more serious and reserved.  Sometimes we teach our pets how we want them to act, but sometimes they sort of train us as to what they want us to do.  If you have never had a pet, this may not be something you totally understand, but if you have a pet I’ll bet you do.  I have heard somewhere that pets can’t have personalities and emotions, but I strongly disagree!  When my mom passed away, her cat grieved, and finally did warm up to letting my dad be her new special friend.  When my husband was in the hospital for a couple of weeks some years back, our dog seemed so worried and anxious until he got back home.  As I said, pets keep our lives interesting — and happy!

Take care and stay healthy and happy.


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Having an Outlook of Hope!


110_F_2828293_K53QRxpDskcV1OPvngYZaSc0NtGHng_PXPEach day brings a new opportunity for us to look for new happiness.  Even if yesterday wasn’t the best day of your life — even if the last year
wasn’t the best year of your life — each morning brings a new day.  Each day is a new starting point in our lives.  By our choice, by our thinking and doing, by our outlook of hope, we actually begin our life anew each and every day.  Look around you, and even if you think things aren’t the very best in your life, you will see someone who is having an even worse time in their life.

Hope is a good thing to cultivate in your thinking. Sometimes we may all question, just what hope is there? But there is always hope! Some days we may have to look and think a little harder in order to find hope, but it is worth it! No matter how bad things are, strive toward having hope active and alive in your life. Sometimes we may need to look to our Lord, or whoever we see as our “Higher Power,” for that hope and that works if we let it. Even if today still seems to not be our best day, plan to have hope that tomorrow will be better. Always strive to move upward each day; don’t let yourself sink downward.

Yesterday is our past; today is our present; tomorrow is our future and full of hope for each day to be better than the day before. Often instead of thinking about all of our bad days, just changing to thinking of just today is helpful. It’s sort of like the chores we know need to be done and we know we don’t have time to do them all. If we concentrate on one chore — the most important one — we will feel a sense of accomplishment when we complete that one task. Taking just one day to think about works about the same — most often we can deal with that one day and get through it. Live in the present as much as you can. I find that to be very helpful in relieving the stresses I encounter each day. At the end of today, then reach out for the hopes you have for tomorrow, and let today’s stresses melt away and let sleep rest and refresh you for tomorrow.

Whether tomorrow turns out to be raining and stormy, sad, happy, sunny, hot or cold, we should find some good point about the day and be happy about something. Maybe a good friend will call, maybe there will be something interesting in the mail, maybe we will accomplish something that will make us happy, maybe it will just be an ordinary day — but if we look we can usually find something that will give us a smile, or even a laugh, or just a satisfied, comfortable feeling. Maybe it will be a great day! Maybe something totally unexpected will happen that will make it into a wonderful day! From day to day we never really can be sure just what tomorrow will bring, but do look for at least a moment of happiness each day! Enjoy that moment and keep looking for more of those moments in the days that follow!

Have a great, happy day!


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Facing Our Challenges!

Our Challenges!

110_F_8515497_fvNWZnqAvUi2JxjYfgbQd70CcvAL7pwc_PXPSometimes in our lives we get so caught up in all of the little challenges we constantly face, we forget to look at the big picture.  If we look around, often we see others with challenges that we think are even worse than ours.  Then we are thankful for what we have in life.  We really need to face all of our challenges that same way — we must always be grateful for the good times and find the best way to get through the not-so-great times.  Some of the down times are actually not so big and we can figure out how to manage them, but now and then something happens that is tougher with which to deal.  Fortunately the really big issues are not too often usually, and the smaller problems we have dealt with do help us figure out how we can get through those more difficult times.

Some of our biggest difficulties might be a divorce, a death of a family member or close friend, a job loss, a severe injury or health problem, and right now of course the economy has been one of everyone’s biggest problems. No matter young or old, the economy affects all of us in some way — no job, money problems, loss of a home, or even the higher prices we must pay for everything. It is hard to get through any of these problems, but we all just have to stick with it and face it as best we can.

Some have found a whole new area of work they had never even thought of before, with some of those jobs being in service to others in some way. A good friend of ours had done many different jobs in her lifetime, and turned to driving those who could no longer drive to doctor appointments, or the bank, or the market. Some older people need just a little help with what they have to do, and need a ride to get there. Some just need someone to come and help them with something in their home like cleaning or cooking, and they also enjoy having someone to talk to for a while. If they have a hard time getting out on their own, they may not see anyone except when they hire someone to help them in some way.

During these times of poor economy, some families have had to move in together. If they all help to make it work out, it will. Everyone has to be willing to work together on it though, as when there is a lot of grumbling in the group of people it won’t be a happy time for anyone. I remember being a child during/after World War II and standing in line with our mother for meat and other necessities. I remember my father having gas coupons, and since he drove in the course of his job he had to really plan his day, with very little gas available sometimes. As difficult as those times were, they did finally end and most were able to slowly rebuild their lives back to where they wanted them to be.

In the meantime, while we wait for times to get better now, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to find things to see or do that make us happy! When we are happy we can get through life’s challenges so much better and we also will stay healthier too. Happiness does help our health to be better, but if we meet challenges with being upset all of the time, our health will suffer. So, do choose to be happy — that’s what I found works the very best!

Until next time, stay happy and healthy!


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Our What If’s and Why Me’s

110_F_7608713_f17rjirEMURd19bM5FC9AyfRzKjTiZ1D_PXPWhat If’s and Why Me’s!

In our lives we all have moments when we have our “What If’s” and “Why Me’s” don’t we. A diagnosis of a serious health problem – that is a really sad, unhappy, worrisome moment. But, when you think about it, both what if and why me are negative comments/thoughts. Health and happiness need us to be positive in order to find our best in both health and happiness. Even if something throws us for a bit, and we are depressed, we must find a way back to finding something positive to dispel the negative. We all have that within us, but sometimes we must rise up and try harder to locate it.

With the “why me’s” in life, the positive side of that is – “why not me!” If you use that as a starting point and start looking for what to do, where to go, how to make a better outcome, you will get there! A good friend of mine was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She went through radiation and chemo, and followed nutritional guides for those who have cancer, and managed to live more fairly healthy years than if she had just given up and waited to die. She had four remissions and then re-occurrences over the years, but just kept doing the very best she could at all times. In fact at one point, about mid-way along, she was sent to a specialist at a very large university hospital. After reading her medical records which were sent to him, her doctor told her he was shocked to see her walk in the door unassisted, as he assumed she would be wheeled through his door in a wheelchair. Her positive way of life kept her going and much healthier than if she had taken a negative viewpoint. She is gone now, and dearly missed, but those of us that knew her benefited so much from her positive attitude.

For the “what if’s” in life, the positive side of that is – “even if!” For happiness and health, that more positive viewpoint does so much more for us. There again, a positive attitude gives us more happiness and better health than taking a negative point of view. With “even if,” you are taking a positive stance and moving forward in a positive way. You have to look for the best to happen, have hope of the best happening, and little by little things will be better for you. With all of us that works because it is a positive approach to our problems. Anything positive must have a better outcome than if we are negative. Instead of letting life happen to us, we turn things around and start helping our lives to progress forward in a healthier and happier way. Sometimes we have to be reminded to look for the positive – by a friend, by an interesting magazine article, by someone on a favorite TV show, by leaning on our faith. Hope is a positive thing and something we want to look for and hang onto. Do that and life will move in a more positive direction and your viewpoint will keep on an upward course.

‘Til next time,


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Today Is Here – Be Happy!

Today is here!110_F_46454_v6UmjWyGh9S2KmifbPqIsoc3MnFKli_PXP

Every day in our lives is important! Today is here, so try to make it special in some way. Do something good for your health; find something about which to be happy – even if you start out feeling there is nothing. Your happiness often has a lot to do with your having better health, so it is important to find happy things to dwell on each day.

Did the sun come out today after several days of ugly weather? Did you hear from a friend or family member that you were hoping would contact you? You woke up – isn’t that something good? My late Dad used to say, when he was past age 90, “I always check the obituaries and if I’m not in them, it’s a good day.”

We have a son-in-law who has been going through a battle with cancer and chemo, radiation, and surgeries. His positive attitude is, I am sure, what has gotten him this far in this dreadful situation. His cancer doctor was amazed at his attitude, and surprised when he had everyone who was getting chemo at the same time as he was, laughing and cheerful. He said when he went down the hallway singing, the doctor asked him if he would be willing to speak to other younger patients about keeping a happy, positive attitude. Of course, he said he was happy to do that!

Even if this day is just another in a string of “bad days” you will feel better if you can concentrate on happy thoughts. You might read a humorous book or magazine article, watch a funny movie, or talk to a happy, upbeat friend. Just do something that will lift your spirits, and you will find out how much better the day turns out to be!

Take care, and be happy and healthy!


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